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    At beginning I’d like to thank You all for a really nice plugin!

    I was searching for a calendar event plugin that will work with multilingual page and Yours do so!

    I have few problems so far (I’m using it for few days – just started to add past events) :

    1. On the calendar widget there’s an issue with bottom back link (I don’t know why it has only “August” as back link, not the previous month). I refreshed it many times, removed it from widgets and put it back and issue is still there.

    You can see issue on the webpage – on the right side there’s a event list and below calendar widget.

    2. I’ve put calendar / event list in the page using shortcodes:
    a) Calendar:
    [em-full-calendar start_after=2014-05-11 date_type=1]

    Is there any chance to scale the input calendar ? I’d like to have days rectangulars little bit smaller to avoid scroll bar on the side

    b) Event list in loop style
    [em-events show_past_events=1 style=loop]

    Here it puts to the header of short view of the event it puts the logo picture from webpage header (but on the event I don’t have it). Could You please give me a hint how to remove it ? (visible here:

    The webpage looks little bit messy now – I’m playing with the plugin that’s why :)

    Thank You for help


    Problem with back link is solved – I had a failure on the web and after uploading the backup widget area was completely broken. I’ve built it again and here the calendar works 100% fine.

    Any ideas for point 2 ? :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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