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    After activating it and adding in about a dozen events over the next few months to see how it looks and reacts.

    It looks great until you click on the date with an event. When it opens the page with the events for the day it throws the format of the page is all off, throwing my widget columns under it. Even after clicking on a specific event and looking at its details, throws off my page. Now it’s messing with the main css, that is an issue.

    Is there a patch to fix this?


    EVents Maker is using template files, just like WooCommerce or other complex plugins.

    If you use one of WP default plugins the CSS should be adjusted to the HTML markup of those. But if you have a custom theme you might have to adjust the EM templates (by copying EM templates to your theme or using provided template action and filter hooks). Other solution is to aks your theme developer to make some tweaks and make it compatible with EM.

    It’s simply impossible that we provide a CSS for every theme available. What we could do, and it’s avaiable in the EM, is to provide multiple ways of creating custom adjustments.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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