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    Jan Deeben

    Hi guys,

    First of all, THANK YOU for developing this great plugin. As I’m using Polylang to run a multilingual web site, Events Maker is -as far as I know- the only proper events plugin that integrates seemlessly with my WordPress.

    That said, I do come across an issue which shows up after upgrading WordPress to version 4.0 and Events Maker to 1.2.0: it appears that links to my events no longer work and result in a not-found page.

    My setup is as follows:
    Polylang is set up to add /en/ to the path whenever I’ve selected English as language, so:
    http://localhost/mysite/ would refer to my Welcome page in Dutch (default language), and
    http://localhost/mysite/en/ would refer to the English version.

    I’ve created an event in both Dutch and English languages.
    In DUtch it’s called ‘test evenement 1’ and its slug is http://localhsot/mysite/events/event/test-evenement-1/ .
    In ENglish it’s called ‘test event 1’ and its slug is http://localhost/mysite/events/event/test-event-1/ .

    In both the preview (from the editor) as well as from the full calendar view on the we biste, I can’t go to my event in both Dutch or English, as it will result in a ‘not found’-page. This was not the case with previous version of Events Maker and WordPress 3.9.4. I’m sure the event is created successfully in both languages, as I can edit it from the admin pages.

    Any suggestions on how to resolve this is welcome. For now I’m only testing this on my localhost, but I’d like to make sure everything works properly before I install the Events Maker on my production server.

    Best regards,


    Hmmm… try to re-save your permalink settings in WP options and see if it makes the differenc.

    Jan Deeben

    – I again saved my Permalinks settings, the Settings page of Polylang (as it also contains settings for permalinks to multilingual items).
    – De-activated Events Maker and re-activated again.
    – Uninstalled Events Maker and re-installed.
    – Removed my test events and created new ones.

    all with the same result: Page Not Found when linking to them.


    Ok, so what are you general permalink settings? Is it set to Postname?
    What is the Polylang version you are using?

    Jan Deeben

    The permalink type is set to Postname.
    My Polylang version is the latest at the time (v1.5.4).

    Strange thing is, that it has been working so far with WordPress 3.9.4 and previous Events Maker version (1.16?). Inbetween I didn’t change any of my configuration settings.


    Yes, that a strange behavior for me too. Especially that we didn’t make any changes in EM permalinks settings or functionality.

    I’m running out of ideas.

    Lets try this maybe:
    – install Monkeyman Rewrite Analyser
    – in the plugin page type the url (in Test URL field) to an existing event page (for e.g. http://localhost/mysite/events/event/test-event-1)

    This will tell us if the provided url matches any of the rewrite rules in your install. If it does, please copy & paste here all the matched patterns (as a text or a screenshot).

    Jan Deeben

    Ok, so no patterns are displayed when I enter my single event’s URL…

    To work around the issue, I went to the Events Maker’s Settings page, Permalinks tab.
    – If I remove the ‘Basic events’-part from the slug (Running WP in Dutch, so I’m not 100% sure about the accurate translation), links to my event seem to work!
    -If I would remove the ‘single event’-part (event) from the slug, things would not work as there will be one slash too many in the URL (localhost/mysite/events//test-event-1).

    Thanks for your suggestion!

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