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    Kelly Perreur-Lloyd

    Hi there,
    I tried adding the “?rel=0” to the end of my youtube video links, but then the lightbox doesn’t recognize the link.

    My link code looks like this:

    What’s in the Box – Boundless<br> Forearm Crutch

    I tried adding the lightbox tag like this:

    What’s in the Box – Boundless<br> Forearm Crutch

    but it still didn’t work.

    I finally tried editing the php files of the plugin to recognize links with “?rel=0″ at the end by adding it in here:

    preg_match_all(‘/<a(.*?)href=(?:\’|”)(http:\/\/(?:www\.)?((youtube\.com\/watch\?v=[a-z0-9]{11}\?rel=0)|(vimeo\.com\/[0-9]{8,})))(?:\’|”)(.*?)>/i’, $content, $links);

    so then it would open links with “?rel=0” at the end, but there were still related videos once the video finished playing.

    Is there any way to disable related videos at the end of a youtube video playing through Responsive Lightbox.


    Kelly Perreur-Lloyd

    I realized my code didn’t show properly so I took out the tags


    //; rel=lightbox-1″


    That’s not the way to add rel attribute.
    The manually added link should look like:

    a href=”; rel=”lightbox”>Youtube

    Kelly Perreur-Lloyd

    Yeah that was my issue, I feel like an idiot now. Thanks for your quick response!

    Gilbert Woodall

    <blockquote cite=”try adding ?rel=0" (question through semicolon) as in example below

    <a href=""" rel="lightbox">Youtube</a> ">

    should display in lightbox AND NOT include the “related videos” at end of play

    not a youtube format but suspect it fools the js pharsing in Responsive Lightbox to pass the extra parameter on to youtube

    Gilbert Woodall

    could not get the above past html

    the html quote goes before the actual “

    Joshua Goggans

    How do you set youtube videos to autoplay when it loads in the lightbox?

    Gilbert Woodall

    try autoplay=1 immediately after the ? and leave a space between any additional you tube options (e.g. the rel=0 option above)

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