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    Guile Rocha

    Hello Team

    For the past 3/4 days, Post Views Counter Plugin is decreasing the number of views of my site posts. I had 220 views in a post in the evenning, but when I saw in the next morning the same post had 30 views. Other post had 450 views in the evenning and drop to 80 in the next morning. The same issue happens in all recente posts

    No change was made in the settings of Post Views Counter Plugin

    I checked with the Google Analytics and there the posts have the normal views – the problem seems to really be in your plugin

    I’ve been using Post Views Counter Plugin for several years… is a good tool but i guess is the second or third time this problem happens

    Please, fix this issue if you can – and if something is wrong on my side, let me know how to fix it.

    My website is –

    Thank you!



    This is very strange. We have not been reported an issue like that.
    Can you share a screenshot of your PVC settings?

    Guile Rocha

    Hello, thanks for your reply
    Yes, I can share a screenshot of my PVC settings, just don’t know how to do this through this support
    You have some email were I can send this? Mine is

    But the Counter Mode is PHP, Data Storage with Cookies, Enable to display post views count column for each of the selected post types; Counter Interval 1 minute, Cleanup Interval 150 years…. No exclude visitors, Enable to display the views number formatted based on the locale (using the WP number_format_i18n function).

    PS: the view counter problem stopped for a few days, but today it started to occur again, without any changes to the settings
    Thanks for your attention, I’ll be waiting

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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