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    We’ve been using the free version of the plugin but have run into some issues that I wanted to see if you could help resolve before we decide to purchase a license.

    It seems like the plugin does not work with Elementor/Elementor Pro – when clicking on an image in a gallery to view it in the lightbox, it loads the image directly via the image URL, instead of opening in a lightbox. Then if you click the Back button in your browser, it goes back to the post/page and does show the image in a lightbox properly.

    Are there any known compatibility issues with Elementor/Elementor Pro?

    The other issue is that the galleries don’t seem to load the correct thumbnail size – they are loading all different sizes of thumbnails when it is set to do a hard crop grid thumbnail. This is a more minor issue versus the major one with the lightbox described above.

    We’ve tried various adjustments to both the Elementor settings (deactivating Lightbox feature for images, etc.) and the plugin (changing the lightbox mode from prettyPhoto to Fancybox, conditional loading on/off, etc.) without any success. The theme we are using is Jupiter X.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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