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    webmaster chakoten


    We are still many that prefers updating wordpress manually, but as we say here in Denmark, it’s better to ask first than bet on everything working

    So when WordPress makes their major version changes I always take a backup first, and for the next two weeks I just keep an eye on whether the various plugins we use are updated regarding information about compatibility with the wordpress update before I update my wordpress installation.

    And when on the following text is written on the plugins page there:
    ” Warning: This plugin has not been tested with the current version of WordPress”

    Then I always contact the plugin creator to hear the status but since there’s no reply at the supportforum
    at the plugin’s page on i have to write here instead.

    Especially since the warning from about the plugin

    but also because of the information about the plugin:

    Version: 2.4.5
    Last Updated:7 months ago
    Active Installs:200,000+
    WordPress Version:5.0 or higher
    Tested up to:6.2.3
    PHP Version:5.4 or higher

    So would you please inform us users about compability with current wordpress version 6.4.1






    I posted a thread on this forum a couple weeks ago running into the same issue and haven’t heard anything back. I am getting frequent errors on my website leaving this plugin in place, really don’t want to rebuild with a different plugin. Hoping we get some word soon.

    webmaster chakoten

    well they havn’t answered but following update has just been posted on – so let’s hope it helps :-)

    Responsive Lightbox & Gallery
    You have version 2.4.5 installed. Update to 2.4.6. Show details about version 2.4.6.
    Compatibility with WordPress 6.3.2: 100% (according to the author)
    Compatibility with WordPress 6.4.1: 100% (according to the author)
    Fix: Editing folder names Tweak: Updated jsTree to 3.3.16

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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