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    Very curious about one thing: Is it possible to add these attachments into my list of sales items? For example, could I write a book review and include a download for the book on the page ā€“ but only after the visitor has paid for it (affiliate link)? Or, even more important, could I write a review of my own materials (say an ebook) and include a download link for it ā€“ again, only after they have paid through woocommerce or something.

    Is any of this possible with this AJAX-powered plugin? Iā€™d love to start using AJAX-powered downloads for my affiliate marketing as well as marketing my own publications.

    Does anyone have any solutions? I would really appreciate it!

    I did post this on the frontend page for the plugin before I decided to bite the bullet and register for the support forums. I just hate giving out my info all over the place. But after realizing that no one would probably ever read my query on that page, I decided to post it here so that I could hopefully receive a rather prompt reply.


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