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    On reading your documentation, I couldn’t find some important information. Please add the answers to these questions to your online documentation.

    – What exactly does the backup option do? Where are the backups stored? Are they removed when the plugin is deactivated, if I’ve checked the option to “Delete all database settings on plugin deactivation”?
    – Why is there a quality option in the backup setting? This makes no sense. Wouldn’t you just store a copy of the original “full” file, in which case what does the quality setting do?
    – The option to enable watermark “everywhere” as opposed to “on selected post types only” needs more explanation. I think you’re saying if this option is used, it’ll only apply the watermark if the image is uploaded _while_editing_ a post of the specified types. But an image can be uploaded to the media library directly, or it can be uploaded while editing a post (let’s say) and then later also added to a page. So if this option does what I’ve described, it’s not reliable. In any case it needs more detail for people to understand what it does.
    – The description of the “Frontend Watermarking” option references a plugin, Frontend Uploader, which has been defunct for almost a year. The purpose of this option is unclear.

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