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    Hello, I installed,activated and sat up the program just fine.
    I chose to show the watermark on thumbnail and large image, scaled and set the % . Since there’s no preview option I made a testpost and I could see the watermark just fine on both size images. But my watermark was too small so I changed the % and made another testpost. But now it didn’t show on the thumbnail, only on the larger image.
    I then changed and checked all image sizes but it still won’t show on any other image than the large size even after several test posts.

    If this gets fixed it will be good program.
    Thank you :)


    Update: as I’ve tested to try to get the watermark to show on thumbnail by : Check custom post types on which watermark should be applied to uploaded images and chosen both but that didn’t make a diffrence, I have also changed the size and opacity but it remains the same.

    Thanks again


    Ok, we’ll try to check that.


    I wrote a new draft and clicked to preview and now I can see my latest settings such as size, opacity on both thumbnail and large image. So there was just a delay.

    Thank you again – will vote for your great plugin :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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