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    I have a problem with Attachments inserted via this plugin. Since last week, there has been a problem with viewing them. In editor, I insert one, then hit Shift+Enter, insert another one and so on.

    But then it doesnt respect it and show them right after each other. Look at the picture below.

    The only thing I did was that I installed plugin called Collapse-O-Matic. Thanks.


    What if you deactivate the Collapse-O-Maticplugin then. Does it make a difference?
    Another solution might be to just use Enter and make a break.


    I am stupid – it was that plugin that makes this problem. I deactivate it and its all good.

    However on our internal website, there wasnt this plugin and it did it as well. But firstly, the Download Attachments plugin works strangely there (icons arent showing for example) and I use list instead of Shift+Enter, so I am not paying attention to it anymore – our external website is more important and there it is in good shape.

    Thanks for advice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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