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    I have two galleries with about 50 images each on *one* web page.

    Under “paging” I have limited the number of images to 10 and “use page numbering” is enabled. Above each gallery is thus a counter with forward and backward button (<<back 1 2 3 4 next>>).

    My problem: both counters are “synchronized”. If I change from “1” to “2” in gallery 1, this happens automatically in gallery 2. If I have viewed the 10 images in gallery 1, Responsive Lightbox jumps to the 2nd gallery and shows the 10 images of gallery 2.
    If I then click on “next” and switch to the next 10 images, the phenomenon repeats itself: The images 11 to 20 of gallery 1 are shown and then the images 11 to 20 of gallery 2.

    Is there an option that the galleries that are on one and the same web page are completely independent of each other. And that it does not jump from one gallery to the other? (I hope this is not an idiotic question…. i am quite a beginner :-))

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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