Cyril Treuillet


I’ve seen some changes. Did you change anything on my website. I can see the banner in the first page with the watermark. What did you do exactly.

But the watermark is only on this image. But I can’t add it on the other and each time I’m changing the data in the parameters to change the size and the opacity of the watermark nothing is changing. I would like to have it in the left bottom corner and more transparent.

– What should I do to have the watermark on each picture ?

– Why changes in the parameters are not taken into account ?

I’ve seen that you’ve added “—Art” at the end of the name of the picture. I’ve tried to change name of other pictures by adding “—Art” but it did not change anything?

I’ve add my coments on this page. You can also add yours : http://essai-crea-ct.fr/dwierez/billykid-page/

I’m looking forward to get your answer. I really need to protect my pictures.