Heleen, I was wondering how to explain you making ajdustments in the most simple way. Let’s try this:

1. Find archive.php (which is for archives display) located in your theme
2. Copy all the content of it, and paste it into archive-event.php (which is for events archive display) overwritting all the code that was there.
3. Now you should have your events list displayed (here for example http://www.chair-man-hosting.nl/delta/evenementen/). But that list will not include any plugin specific details (like start, end dates, location, category etc.). You’ll need to add that to the archive-event.php in your theme folder.
4. To do so go to templates located in plugin folder and open archive-event.php. Look at how different event details are created – there are comments in order to help understand what each part of code is reposible for
5. Copy desired parts of code (for start, end dates, location, category etc.) from archive-event.php located in plugin folder into archive-event.php located in the theme folder.
6. Now the event specific details should show up

You should do the same for all the template files that you copied into your theme, for example single.php and single-event.php, taxonomy.php and taxonomy-event-location.php, and so on.