Brett Weaver


I have the same issue with the close, next and previous images not being visible. An example page is here:


I really like the swipebox version of the plugin and would like to get this working. I’ve tried deleting and re-installing the plugin as well as adding the absolute path to the images in swipebox.css. Nothing seems to work. I can see the .png at the url separately in the browser.

A note is that I have it working on a subdomain/dev location, but I migrated to the permanent hosting to a sub-directory of the root. It’s not “my” hosting account. We’re working with someone else in this instance. The admin moved the site files, etc. without consulting me and I had to make some changes to .htaccess. All seems to be working but these navigation images. Not sure if this is relevant, but thought I would mention it. Any assistance would be appreciated.