Ok, it works correctly in terms of functionality, but doesn’t look good in your theme. So, there are two options.

1. Events Maker uses template files included with the plugin. This can be turned off in Templates settings. Then you can modify your theme’s files (archive, single, taxonomies) using template tags available in Events Maker (you can find it in plugins/events-maker/includes/functions.php or plugins/events-maker/templates folder, where you can also check how it is used to display events data)

2. Events Maker template files are based on Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve and Twenty Thirteen default WordPress themes. It will not look the same in every theme, as each one is using it’s scpecific CSS styling. However you may use Events Maker template files in any theme. The best way (described in templates section of plugin settings) is to copy them into your theme folder and modify according to your needs.