The first screenshot shows a download attachments table with an “add new attachment” button. Where on earth is that located?

The only place I can find this plugin is in Settings–Attachments. And in there, all I have is settings I can change. NO “add new attachment” or a table of attachments.

The documentation for this plugin is RIDICULOUS because all it has is information on the settings, which I can access just fine. No documentation or instructions on where you indicate what files should be part of the download, like the first screenshot shows. Where is it?

I have spent 2.5 hours of my day either trying to find it (going over every thing in my WP dashbaord multiple times and seeing if there are settings in the media libary for it) or reading through all the support forums to see if anyone’s thread helps me, and I am now ticked. I doubt this post will ever be answered. So many posts in this forum aren’t, and we can’t contact support for tehnical issues. I would gladly pay for some tech support.