For many reasons the 2013 was a special year for all of us here at dFactory.

First, it was a time of our “coming out” to the WordPress community. After a couple of years of commercial work with WordPress, bulding hundreds of websites and other WordPress based projects we decided to share some of our skills with you.

The Idea

The general idea that stands behind that is to create plugins that we’d like to use in everyday work but are hard to find in WP repository or other sources: well coded, secure, easy to use, responsive (when it is possible), multilingual and/or multilanguage ready (which means compatibility with WPML and Polylang). Other important factor we also have in mind is the fact that the plugins not only should be built for site admins, developers and web agencies but the end users (clients) as well. All the reviews and feedback we had last year make us believe that’s the right direction.

2013 in numbers

  • 11 plugin releases
  • Over 160,000 downloads
  • 154 five star ratings (4.9 average)
  • Multiple plugin updates
  • 300 forum topics
  • 1000 forum replies
  • 150 WordPress forum replies

What next?

There are some really nice releases coming in 2014.

We’ll keep developing new, fairly simple software that improves or extends different areas of WordPress just as we did last year. But there are also plans to offer at least one (or more) complex plugin that will enable you to use WordPress in much more advanced projects and web applications. We believe you’ll really like it :)

Thank you for choosing us and Happy New Year to all of you!

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  1. Good work folks

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