Over 300,000 WordPress users have created gorgeous lightbox effects and galleries on their websites using the Responsive Lightbox & Gallery plugin. And in our mission to make it the last gallery plugin you’ll ever need, we never stop making it better and even more convenient to use. And we think you’ll absolutely love this new update we’ve created!

What’s new?

With the recent update of the free plugin, Responsive Lightbox & Gallery version 2.1, you’ll have access to a feature you’ll normally have to pay for or install separately – MEDIA FOLDERS.

Now, you will be able to organize and navigate through your media files like how you would on your desktop. Thanks to this new Media Folders feature and its integration with the other Responsive Lightbox & Gallery functionalities, you’ll have a powerful tool that makes showcasing your images in a style you want more convenient than ever.

Here are some of the new cool things you can do with the plugin:

Make file organization a breeze

Having a way to organize files the way it is commonly done in desktop file managers makes it A LOT EASIER for WordPress users of different technical background. There are many plugins that are solely dedicated in providing this function – some you need to pay for. But with this update, you will get this feature for FREE along with the lightbox and gallery features you can use.

Now, you’ll know exactly where your files are. Create folders and subfolders that you can rename, and drag and drop to a location you want. You can easily fill these folders with the files you want with the same drag and drop convenience. Quickly access the files you need by filtering according to media type or date of upload.

Create dynamic galleries from media folders

Ever wished you won’t have to manually change the contents of the gallery on your website every time you want to add or remove a media file? With the media folder feature’s integration with the Gallery function of the plugin, you can now create galleries from your media folders. When you do this, the contents of your published gallery will automatically update as you make changes to the media folder to which it’s linked.


If you enjoyed using the Responsive Lightbox & Gallery, you’ll definitely enjoy using it more now with the new update which adds the Media Folders feature. Utilize all these functionalities and features separately or together to have that unique style and great user experience that your competitor websites don’t. And the best part – you get this additional feature without having to spend a single cent.

Don’t miss it! Update your Responsive Lightbox & Gallery NOW.

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