Want to create engaging, stunning, responsive galleries for your WordPress website? Interested in making the most of images, videos, and galleries on your site? Then you need the Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin!

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Best Responsive WordPress Lightbox & Gallery Plugin

Easy, quick to use, and powerful. The Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin makes creating your own galleries a snap.

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Why the Best WordPress Gallery plugin

This plugin is the perfect addition to any WordPress site and comes with extraordinary functionality for media including images, videos and other forms of HTML content.

Easy-to-use Gallery Builder

Say goodbye to coding. With the built-in drag and drop Gallery builder, you will be able to create beautiful galleries, customize them, and add your preferred styles in minutes.

Vast Customization Options

Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin is packed with plenty of customization options and lightbox styles so you can tweak them to suit your website’s audience with just a few clicks.

Fully responsive

Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin is built with responsive design in mind. This means you’ll be 100% sure all your galleries, images, videos, and other media will look great on all devices, be it a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

SEO-Friendly and Lightweight

Having an optimized website isn’t just important for your users, it’s also vital for your SEO. Responsive Lightbox and Gallery is built keeping this aspect in mind, making it lightweight and fast when it comes to page load.

Social Sharing

Want your gallery to go viral? Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin comes with social sharing icons that allow visitors to easilly share your galleries on social networks.

Premium Extensions

Looking to provide a premium experience to your visitors? Responsive Lightbox and Gallery has got you covered, as it offers several premium extensions to empower your with even more flexibility and customization options.
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What People Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what other Responsive Lightbox and Gallery users have to say.
Clear, easy to configure, effective. Really easy to use. Takes all the fiddling out of the process of creating a responsive gallery/lightbox.
Useful plugin – great results for mobile. Easy to install – delivers the responsive UI needed across platforms.
Useful tool that works out of the box and can be extended. Got it as a quick temporary fix and ended up keeping it as it worked so well. Lots of options to get the setup you want and then further customisation is possible with code.
I have searched 5 days to finally find this amazing FREE plugin. As I have said this is the BEST Lightbox & Gallery plugin! All can be configurated. It’s clear, simple and really powerfull. I really hope that it will stay FREE. Thanks a lot to developers and support team.
I love it. Easy to use, configure and a no brainer plugin to make images awesome.
Very helpful in reducing work. I needed a lightbox that works reliably. This marvelous plug-in does the magic and my site gets to have galleries. So now I can spend more on my photography and less time customizing WordPress.
Great plugin and I really liked how it’s simple, easy to use and how it has a neat interface. I’ve been looking for a gallery and lightbox plugin with many variations for several days now and this one really provided me what I wanted!
Flexible. Effective. Easy to use. This plugin is quite flexible and effective. The functionality choices are broad and all quite easy to configure.
Very efficient plugin, offering many features. Very good reactions to the online display. Thank you very much for this great job

All The Features You Need

Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin is built following WordPress coding standards and best practices to ensure you a secure, stable, and perfectly working environment. Powered with amazing features including but not limited to:

Drag & Drop Gallery Builder

Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin comes with a robust tool to craft galleries that’s incredibly easy to use. You can create galleries from Media Library images, dynamic galleries from many image sources and use different gallery styles.

Plenty of Lightbox effects

If you need the lightbox effect for your galleries, you’ve found the perfect plugin! Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin comes with eight free lightboxes you can use. Need more? Look at our premium extensions!

Easy Media Management

Responsive Lightbox and Gallery comes with a Media Folders feature, an innovative way to manage all your media files. Organize your files in folders, move them via drag & drop, upload to new folders and take advantage of it when adding a media file to post or create a gallery through the Gallery builder.

Compatible with Page Builders

Page builders are pretty common these days because they’re easy to use. Responsive Lightbox and Gallery is 100% compatible with the most famous ones, such as Visual Composer, Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and other popular page builders.

Multiple Gallery Styles

Need to customize your galleries? Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin features Grid, Slider and Masonry gallery styles. Need more? Look at our premium extensions!

Perfect for WooCommerce

If you’re running a WooCommerce store, your product pages are the most important pages for your business. Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin offers complete WooCommerce product gallery support both on desktop and mobile devices.

Lightbox Added Automatically

Are you in a rush and need to enhance your galleries and images with impressive lightbox effects? You can add lightbox effects automatically to every element you want: WordPress galleries, image links, video links and others.

Access To Millions of Free Images

Need new stunning images for your galleries? Get access to millions of free CC0 images from multiple sources like Unsplash, Pixabay, Flickr, Instagram directly from WordPress Media Manager. Insert, upload or create galleries directly from there.

Multisite Support

Are you running a WordPress Multisite network and would love to use Responsive Lightbox and Gallery? No problem! Responsive Lightbox and Gallery provides WordPress Multisite support so you can install it once and use it on your network sites.
Over 300,000 active users!


Still have questions? Check out the list below for our frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, feel free to check our documentation or contact us..
Responsive Lightbox and Gallery is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create incredibly beautiful responsive galleries with images and/or videos with lightbox effect. This means, bloggers, photographers, designers can choose from one of the many layouts available and publish their gallery in minutes.
Responsive Lightbox and Gallery is a WordPress plugin. In order to use Responsive Lightbox and Gallery, you must have a self-hosted WordPress site or a website hosted on WordPress.com’s Business Plan. That’s all.
Thanks to the built-in gallery builder, anyone can create a professional responsive gallery and take advantage of the many layouts and styles. Know how to code? You can use customize the way plugin works based on your requirements.
Many users love to have different ways to customize their galleries. This bundle gives you access to all our premium extensions, 1-year direct support and all updates, at hugely discounted price (70% off). Learn more here.
Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin is a lightweight WordPress gallery plugin built with performance and speed in mind. This means your page load time won’t be affected at all.
Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin comes with plenty of documentation to guide you while creating and customizing your galleries. On top of that, you’ll find plenty of articles on how to add the lightbox effect, how to use the gallery builder, and much more! Need to fix a specific issue? Share it on our forum and get the answer you need!
Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin comes with many styles and effects already in it’s free version and can be enhanced with 10+ premium extensions like Masonry Gallery Pro, Hidden Gallery, Slider Gallery, and many more. Check them all out here and pick your preferred one!
The plugin has all you need to make it work on non-English sites. All .mo and .po translation files should go into the languages folder in the base of the plugin. The same is true for every Responsive Lightbox and Gallery extensions as well.
Although we firmly believe in and stand behind the quality of our products, we know there might be issues that could become deal breakers. We provide a complete refund within 30 days of your original purchase. More info here.

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