We’ve been working on this for some time now, and finally it’s tested and ready to go.

The idea of that plugin was to provide a simple and straightfoward download manager for WordPress. There are some good download managers available (some of them unfortunatelly outdated or not being actively developed) but most of them are difficult to use or so bloated with features that including a simple download link to an attachment is impossible without diving into plugin logic.

Download Attachments is different. It enables simple, highly customizable metabox where you add attachments selected from the Media Libary and automatically display those on the frontend of the site. There are 2 shortcodes provided that allow you to manually display download links too – for certain post, page or custom post type or display a link to download any single attachment uploaded to the Media Library.

If you’d like giving it a try it’s been just added to WordPress repository: http://wordpress.org/plugins/download-attachments/.
You can also read about it on our site here: http://www.dfactory.co/plugins/download-attachments/