Filter hooks available for Restrict Widgets.

  • Filter hook that allows you to display or hide widget based on custom conditions.

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  1. Hello Factory,

    We have built a mulitsite network with only editing capabilities for users set to a specific amount of options (widgets). We have made use of your plugin Restrict Widgets, as to allow these users only editing capabilities on specific widgets.

    The plugin works great. But when a Club Admin user edits/adds/deletes a widget, several specific widgets are moved to the “Inactive Widgets” area. Sometimes more widgets than others. Thankfully the widgets are not deleted, but they are still missing from where they should be and we have to login with the Network Admin to place them back.

    This is a very curious thing. For example. . . if we login with a Club Admin(carl) user and add a new widget to a section and save the changes, 6-7 widgets are moved to the “Inactive Widgets” section. I can then log in with my Network Admin and place the widgets back to where they belong, but we don’t want this to happen every time a Club Admin (carl) makes an edit in the widgets.

    I wonder if there is a way to “lock” some of the widgets in their given place? Or maybe there is a specific way to do this?

    We would like users at the tutoring club locations to update their widgets and not remove widgets from the widget area.

    Our site is at a hidden IP address: until release. I have granted access to our WP backend. Let me know how I can help you to test and find a fix.

    Thank you for your help,

  2. Hi, could someone please explain how to manage and restrict widgets. I would like to restrict widgets to certain pages only.
    Many thanks!


    • Me too! Is there support thread somewhere that describes how to do this?

      • Restricting widgets to selected pages is available via interface in each widget. It doesn’t require coding, using filter hooks.

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