Media Folders is a neat feature in Responsive Lightbox and Gallery that allows users to organize media files (including images, videos, audio, and attachments) into a folder system that resembles how you work with files on your computer.

Specifically, you’re able to:

  • Organize media files in a tree structure with folders.
  • Create, move, rename, and delete folders.

Media Folders Settings

You can access the Media Folders Settings screen by heading over to Lightbox > Folders from the admin panel. The settings screen should look something like this:


Ticking the Folders checkbox enables media folders in your media library. With this option enabled, your Media Library will look something like this:

Media taxonomy

You can use this option to select the media taxonomy. You can also load custom media taxonomies and use them as folders.

Show in menu

Tick the Show in menu option if you’d like to display the media taxonomy you’ve selected in the option above in your admin panel menu.

Subfolder removal

If you have this option enabled, all subfolders will be removed when you delete the parent folder they’re contained in. For example, if you have a parent folder called Animals and two subfolders called Cats and Horses, both Cats and Horses will be deleted when you delete the Animals folder.

Whole row

By enabling this option, the folder’s row will be highlighted as a clickable area in your Media Library.

Here’s what it looks like with the Whole row option disabled:

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