How to Install Responsive Lightbox & Gallery

Through the WordPress Back End

In order to install the Responsive Lightbox & Gallery plugin from the WordPress back end, login to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Plugins > Add New.

Search for Responsive Lightbox & Gallery using the plugin search bar. Click the Install Now button to begin installing the plugin.

Once the plugin is done installing, click the Activate button to activate the Responsive Lightbox & Gallery plugin.

Through an FTP Client

If your hosting provider restricts you from installing plugins directly from your site’s admin panel, you can use an FTP client to install plugins to your WordPress website. You will need to download the Responsive Lightbox & Gallery plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory and extract it to a folder on your computer before you begin.

Log in to your FTP client and connect to your WordPress website.

Navigate to your WordPress website’s /wp-content/plugins folder from the file explorer.

Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins folder on your web server by right-clicking on the plugin’s title and clicking Upload. The plugin will be installed to your WordPress website.

Now, login to your WordPress site’s admin panel and navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins. You’ll see that the Responsive Lightbox & Gallery plugin is added to the list of installed plugins. Click the Activate link under the plugin’s title to activate it.

How to Install Responsive Lightbox’s Extensions

The Responsive Lightbox plugin has a number of premium extensions that you can use with the core plugin to leverage additional functionality. Once you have the core Responsive Lightbox plugin installed and activated, you can proceed to install its extensions.

1.1 Through the Settings Page

With the core Responsive Lightbox plugin installed, head over to Settings > Responsive Lightbox from the WordPress admin.

Navigate to the Add-ons tab from the Responsive Lightbox screen and select the extension you’d like to install by clicking the Get this Extension button.

Upon clicking the Get this Extension button, you will be redirected to the main products page from where you can choose which license to purchase – Personal, Business, or Developer. It should look something like this:

Once you’ve selected the license you’d like to opt for, click the Buy Now button. After you’ve completed the transaction, the extension you selected should be installed to your WordPress site.

1.2 Through the WordPress Uploader

If you already have a license of the premium extension that you’d like to install somewhere on your drive then you can install it to your site through the WordPress uploader. Here’s how:

Log in to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Plugins > Add New. Next, click on the Upload Plugin button in the top left corner of the Add Plugins screen.

Click the Choose File button and find your license of the premium extension from your drive.

Once you’ve selected it, click the Install Now button to continue with the installation.

After the extension is done installing, be sure to activate it by clicking the Activate Plugin button in the following screen.