Strip Lightbox

This lightbox is a premium lightbox extension. This extension requires installation and activation of the Responsive Lightbox plugin (version 1.6-current).

Installation and Activation

To install Strip Lightbox purchase the plugin select the “Add-on” tab and then the plugin.

General Settings Screen

Once the Strip Lightbox is installed it will be listed as an option in the General Settings Screen. To apply the lightbox, click it and then scroll-down on the page and select save.

General Settings Screen for the Strip Lightbox

General Settings Screen for the Strip Lightbox

Strip Lightbox Settings

Strip Lightbox Settings

Strip Lightbox Settings


Hide Strip
This option, when checked, allows visitors to click outside of the lightbox to exit.

Keyboard Navigation
This enables visitors to use the keyboard to navigate to each image.

Selecting this option creates arrows on the strip for visitors to move to each image. If unselected, an arrow is dropped in the strip making images impossible to loop back to the first image.

Arrow Keys

If loop is selected arrow keys appaer


In this image the loop has been unselected

Max Height
This option specifies a maximum height for the image. The larger the height the larger the image height appears in the strip.

Max Width
This option specifies a maximum width for the image. The larger the width the larger the image width appears in the strip.

This option allows for navigation elements to appear to on the image.

This option makes the position of the image appear in the lightbox.

Image Position

Image Position

This option adjusts how the lightbox is positioned: Top, Bottom, Left, Right

Example of Top position

Example of Top position with features explained.


Example of Bottom Position


Example of Left Position


Example of Right Position

This option allows a loading icon to appear when visitors click on an image.

Toggle : If enabled, this option allows a user to click on an image to close the strip lightbox if enabled. If disabled, users must click “X” in the top-right in strip-light box to close it.

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