Documentation for Responsive Lightbox a plugin that creates a lightbox effect optimized for mobile devices.

  • How to Install Responsive Lightbox & Gallery Through the WordPress Back End In order to install the Responsive Lightbox & Gallery plugin from the WordPress back end, login to your […]

  • Images tab The Images tab lets you select and modify the contents of the gallery. This is where you can select the image source for your gallery from. You can […]

  • Media Folders in the Media Library The Media Folders feature in Responsive Lightbox and Gallery is designed to help you keep media files (images, videos, audio, and attachments) organized in […]

  • The Responsive Lightbox & Gallery comes with a new Remote Library feature that allows you to import images from a remote library such as Flickr, Unsplash, or Wikimedia. This way, […]

  • The Responsive Lightbox plugin enables users to apply different lightbox effects to images, videos, and galleries. By default, the lightbox effect you configure from the Settings page will be applied […]

  • Troubleshooting Problem: Responsive Lightbox plugin doesn’t work Possible Reasons: *Outdated JQuery. *Lightbox is in conflict with another plugin. *Lightbox is in conflict with the site’s current theme. *Site’s current theme […]