Watermark Position

This section of the settings identifies where the watermark will go. The watermark will be located in an image by selecting a square in the grid.. The watermark, in a square, may be offset by customizing the x and y options.

Watermark position

Watermark position

Watermark Sizes

The watermark has several sizes options available. Original, Custom, and Scaled.

Scaling watermark

Scaling watermark

1. Original leaves the watermark in its original uploaded size.
2. Scaled adjusts the watermark image in proportion to the image being watermarked. Scaling can be adjusted using the sliding scale bar.
3. Custom allows for a specific size setting. Custom can only be configured if the custom option is selected and sizes are entered in the X and Y fields below.

6 replies to "Watermark Position and Size"

  1. Is it possible to set a pixel margin on the logo placement or do we need to make transparent edges to the image itself? We dont want the watermark logo to be placed all the way to the side of the image.

    • Yes, you have an option for this as shown on the screenshot.

  2. Hi I upload a png transparent but the plugin insert a white frame. Its the only way or I’m doing something wrong.

    • Most probably you’re using an 8-bit png. Just use a 24-bit png and there will be no frame (outline).

  3. Is it possible to rotate the watermark with 45 degrees to go across the picture?
    Also would be great to generate watermark text by typing in text, not just by uploaded picture

    • 45 degrees rotation – it’s not possible currently
      typing text – it’s a planned feature

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