Image Protection

Images may be protected by selecting from the options, Right-Click, Drag-and-Drop, Logged-in-users.

Image protection options

Image protection options

Right-click: This prevents a visitor from right-clicking and then saving the image.
Drag-and-Drop: This prevents a visitor from dragging and dropping the image off screen.
Logged-in-users: Selecting this option will apply image protection options against users that are logged into the site.

Note: This does not prevent someone from taking a screenshot. If you believe someone has stolen your images you may file a DMCA takedown notice. An example of the elements to include in such a notice can be found here: DMCA Takedown Notice (this link has been provided for informational purposes and is not legal advice).

2 replies to "Image Protection"

  1. Can this plugin just add watermark if the image downloaded/save as by user?
    so in frontend the image not watermark.

  2. COOL… it works!!!

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