To enable the watermark configure the general settings by clicking Automatic, Manual, or both.

If Automatic is select, any new images uploaded will get the watermark. If you are uploading an image and it should not have a watermark, please be sure to disable Automatic. If Manual is selected, the watermark must be applied in the Media Library section (viewing under the List option). The Watermark can be applied to each individual image or across all images by selecting Apply Watermark from the drop-down menu.

Automatic Method

1. Ensure you have selected Automatic under General Settings.
2. Ensure you have uploaded a watermark imaged
3. Ensure you have selected an Enabled Watermark for option
4. Upload images

Manual method

1. Select Manual under General Settings
2. Ensure you have uploaded a watermark image
3. Ensure you have selected an Enable Watermark For option
4. Go to the Media Library section in your Dashboard. Make sure you are in the List View.
5. In the dropdown menu select Apply Watermark.
6. Selected the images to receive the watermark
7. Click on Apply.

Note: Hitting Apply multiple times will result in images having repeated watermarks.

Manual method of applkying watermark

Manual method of applying watermark in Media Library

10 replies to "Applying Watermark"

  1. Hi the above doesn’t work for me.

  2. Hello.

    You’re plugin is such a great idea, unless it seems to not work on png images. When I manually apply watermark on png images from gallery, it corrupts them. Now I need to restore images from backup.

    Any solution?

    • we’ll check – try to replicate the issue.

      • That seems to be the issue in my case, too :/
        Any idea how I can make it work?

  3. I can’t get it to apply a watermark in manual mode. In list mode it looks like it is going to do something, then ends up doing nothing. In grid mode, I can apply it, it shows it to me then as soon as I move off the image or close it out, nothing is done. Does this work with WP Retina 2x plugin?

  4. Hi,

    I can get the watermark to apply on all images in my media however it only appears on those images in posts, but not for those images on pages.

    Is this normal?

    • If that happens to the same images then it’s definitelly not normal. Unles you’re using page caching – then it may happen to the moment the cache for these pages get’s purged.

  5. HI, I’m trying to use your plugin, how does the transparent image has to be for its correct overlay aplication?
    transparent and black, transparent and white…?
    It doesn’t work correctly for me, right now…

    • For the best transparency quality It should be a 24-bit transparent PNG

  6. Hi. I dont understand, i apply a waterkark to a photo in a masonry gallery and it’s applied to the thumbnail and not to the opened lightbox image, i need of course the opposit, not on the preview thumbnail but on the image when is full size.


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