Events Maker Settings Overview

The plugin comes with five settings tabs: General, Display. Templates, Capabilities, Permalinks. Be sure to save any settings by scrolling down to the bottom and selecting the “Save” button.
Settings Tabs

General Settings Overview

The General settings tab has three sub-sections: General, Currency, and Query.

General is used enable/disable different taxonomies.
General Settings

Currency is used to define how pricing is display
Currency Settings

Query Settings are used to define the ordering, displaying, and viewing of events.
Query Settings

Display Settings Overview

The Display settings tab has two sub-sections: Pages and Display

Pages are used to create the specific events marker pages and define how they appear.
Pages Settings

If the plugin’s default settings are used, the pages will appear as such:

EM Pages

Display is used to define display options for a single-event.
Display Settings

Template Settings

The Template settings tab has a single sub-section: Templates. This section defines if the default templates are enabled.
Template Settings

Capabilities Settings

The Capabilities settings tab has a configuration grid. This section defines what abilities each role has. Users must be given roles in order to configure, edit, and create events.
Capabilities Settings

Permalinks Settings

The Permalinks settings tab has a single sub-section: Permalinks. This section defines the slug’s of the event taxonomies.
Permalink Settings

Once the settings are configured an event, organizer, and location will need to be created.

2 replies to "Settings Overview"

  1. Dzień dobry,

    czy istnieje możliwość zmiany zbliżenia mapy googla? Chodzi o plugin Events Maker.

    Pozdrawiam serdecznie,

    • Tak, oczywiście.
      Może Pan użyć filtru em_single_event_google_map_args() i zmienić parametr “zoom” z domyślnego 15 na inny.

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