Creating an Event Organizer

An Event Organizer can be created by going to Events->Organizer, filling out the address, slug, parent page, other details, and selecting “Add New Event Organizer”. When the Event Organizer has been created, it will need to be assigned to the Event in the taxonomy sidebar.

Event Organizer Details:
 Event Organizer Details

Once an Organizer has been created, the details can be edited and changed by selecting the event and editing it.

To edit an Organizer select “Edit”. Note that the Count displays a “1”. This means the event has been assigned one time.
Edit Event Details

To edit Event Organizer address and other details fill in the updated information and select “Update” at the bottom.
Event Organizer Update Screen

To assign an Event Organizer to an Event select the Event:

Events Organizer

Then Locate the Organizers section in the sidebar, select the Organizer, and then Update the Event.
Organizer Taxonomy

On the front-end the Event Organizer archive page may be displayed as such:
Events Organizer Appearance

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