• Installation There are three ways to install the plugin. Through uploading, by searching, or through FTP. Uploading: Go the Dashboard and Select Plugins–>Add New. Then click on the Upload Plugin […]

  • Creating an Event To create an event go to Events->Add New and fill in the details. Fill in the Title of the Event and Description Fill in the Events Date […]

  • Creating an Event Category and Tag To create an event category go to Events->Categories then select Add New. A screen will appear to enter data into. The color of category […]

  • Creating an Event Location To create an Event Location, go to Events->Locations and fill out the information for the Event Location including details, slug, parent page, and address. A new […]

  • Creating an Event Organizer An Event Organizer┬ácan be created by going to Events->Organizer, filling out the address, slug, parent page, other details, and selecting “Add New Event Organizer”. When the […]

  • Event Widgets The plugin has six different widgets that can be used to display information about different events. Events Calendar:┬áBack End Fill in the name and how the events are […]

  • Events Maker Settings Overview The plugin comes with five settings tabs: General, Display. Templates, Capabilities, Permalinks. Be sure to save any settings by scrolling down to the bottom and selecting […]

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