You can easily output a list of events using the [em-events] shortcode. This shortcode accepts a variety of parameters that allow you to specify what events are displayed, and how they are displayed.

To display events with the default configuration, use this:


This will output the events exactly as in the events archive, with thumbnails (if available) and pagination.

If you wish to modify this output, here is a list of the parameters:

start_after= // display events that start after specific date, empty by default, use yyyy-mm-dd format for e.g. 2014-05-05
start_before= // display events that start before specific date, use yyyy-mm-dd
end_after= // display events that end after specific date, use yyyy-mm-dd
end_before= // display events that end before specific date, use yyyy-mm-dd
ondate= // display events for specific date, use yyyy-mm-dd
date_range=between // or outside; display events in or outside the date ranges provided in start_after, start_before, end_after or end_before parameters
date_type=all // or all_day, not_all_day; display only specific type of events
ticket_type=all // or free, paid; display only events with specific type of ticketing
show_past_events= // 0/1 for true/false; default to the plugin settings; wheteher to include past events or not
show_occurrences= // 0/1 for true/false; default to the plugin settings; wheteher to include event occurrences or not
featured_only=0 // 0/1 for true/false; wheteher to display featured events only or not
order_by= // start, end or any WP Query order_by parameter. default to the plugin settings;
order // asc or desc. default to the plugin settings;
categories= // a comma separated list of event-category ids, for e.g. 3,5,15
locations= // a comma separated list of event-location ids, for e.g. 1,2
organizers= // a comma separated list of event-organizer ids, for e.g. 6
author= // author id; to display events published by specific author only
number_of_events= // default to the WP pagination setting; how many events par page will be displayed
disable_pagination=0 // or 1 (true); wheather to use pagination or not
style=loop // or widget; the way of styling the output. by default it's displayed as in events archive. but it may be displayed as in widget (in a list)


[em-events start_before=2014-05-11 show_past_events=1 number_of_events=5]

The above would output the events list including all the events that started before 2014-05-11, displayed in a 5 events per page format.

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