Functions available for Events Maker.

  • Retrieves a currency symbol as set in the options or, if the price is given, formats the price including currency symbol.

  • Returns an end day of a given event in a specified date type.

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  1. when I use recurring events the calendar is not showing because start dates are empty
    i found that in class-shortcodes.php, at this point $start is empty

    if ( em_is_recurring( $event->ID ) && Events_Maker()->options[‘general’][‘show_occurrences’] ) {
    $start = $event->event_occurrence_start_date;
    $end = $event->event_occurrence_end_date;
    } else {

    • with more debugging I’ve found the solution:

      edit class-query.php @ 222

      elseif ( ! is_single() || isset( $query->query_vars[‘event_show_occurrences’] ))

      • @manuel,

        I don’t quite get the issue. If you need to have recurring events in the calendar, while having that disabled globally cou can set the event_show_occurrences with pre_get_posts or any of the calendar args filters. You wouldn’t have to edit the source code.

        Or I’m missing something in your question?

      • @bartosz
        I found a bug.
        I have already set show occurrences in options to true but the calendar fails to render (with javascript error) because start and end dates are passed empty.

      • Yea, but why they are empty? We didn’t have any issue like that before.

  2. well done, i like your Event Plugin.

    I’m not sure, i want a function to import via cvs. it this possible?


    • Sorry Jens, it’s not possible yet.

  3. How do I get the event name to show up on the full calendar? Right now it just shows the time.


  4. Hi I just installed your plugin and it look great :) the only thing is that when i try to enter th css editor in wp i get this (Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() in /var/www/virtual/ on line 68)

    any ideas for a fix?

    • Yes, but you’ll not be happy with the answer. This function is used 100% properly in Event Maker, according to WP codex instructions.

      But if any of your other plugins or your theme is using this function too early ( , it will generate an error as you described above.

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