Shortcodes available for Download Attachments plugin.

  • A shortcode that enables attachments display inside posts content or manual attachments display anywhere in a theme.

  • A shortcode that enables displaying a link to download any single attachment available in Media Library, inside posts content or manual attachments display anywhere in a theme.

11 replies to "Shortcodes"

  1. Hi Supporter,

    What can we do to display the group of attachment files in page?


  2. I don’t understand how CSS is used in this plugin. There is no class wrapping the download link. And what about icons?

    • Future release will include a way to add custom class or other parameters. This way you’ll be able to add icons, make a button or anything else.

  3. This is way cool – is there a way to have items on same line instead of stacked?
    icon | Title
    Caption | File Size | Date


  4. Hi, great job! With this plugin you can create a page where all downloads files can be listed ? tks

    • There’s no way for this now. But we’re thinking on a way of implementing this.

  5. your support is very bad!!!

    • @corrada, how can you know as you registered a minute ago?

  6. Thank you for the fast reply :-)
    My question is about the frontend. I would like to present the pdfs for download in a nice and logic place on the site, between the top and buttom features – preferably listed, but otherwise as single pdfs.
    For a listing the question is – can I some how move it arround in the classic editor – visual or text mode? And how?

    The shortcode [download-attachment attachment_id=”17″] looks usable for the very manual one-at-time-pdf-upload solution. I assume I can use it in a textblock – or in an image block?
    But where do I get the ID for each uploaded pdf-file?

    • You can paste both shortcodes directly into the editor – anywhere you’d like it to be displayed.

      The ID of each attachment is displayed on the left of each file, in the metabox is the site backend (although you may have disapled that in plugin settings).

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