1. How to Install Download Attachments

There are two ways you can install the Download Attachments plugin – through the WordPress back end and through an FTP client.

1.1 Through the WordPress back end

The easiest way to install the Download Attachments plugin is directly through your site’s back end. Log in to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Plugins > Add New from the dashboard.

Next, search for Download Attachments in the Search Plugins box. (It should be the first plugin in the search results.) Click the Install Now button in the Download Attachments box to begin installing it.

Once the plugin has finished installing, click the Activate button in the same plugin box to activate the Download Attachments plugin.

1.2 Through an FTP client

Sometimes it may not be possible for you to install plugins directly from your WordPress site’s admin panel. This may be because your hosting provider restricts access to it. In such cases, you can install plugins through an FTP client.

To get started, you’ll need to download the Download Attachments plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory and extract it to a folder on your desktop.

Next, launch your FTP client (we’re using FileZilla) and connect to your WordPress website. Once you’re connected, navigate to your site’s /wp-content/plugins folder from the File Explorer.

Upload the extracted plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins folder on your web server. To do this, right-click the plugin’s file name in the File Explorer and click the Upload menu item. The Download Attachments plugin will be installed to your WordPress website.

Once you’re done with that, log in to your site’s admin panel. Navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins. The Download Attachments will be added to the list of installed plugins. Click the Activate link under the plugin’s title to activate it.

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