Cookie Notice

Below are a list of options of the plugin. Be sure after selecting the options to scroll to the bottom and save.

Message: Enter the messages in the textbox. HTML markup can be used to further customize the text.

Cookie Notice Messages

Cookie Notice Messages


Cookie Notice Message on page

Button Text: The text entered here will be displayed inside the button. HTML markup cannot be used.

Button Text

Button Text

More Info Link: When selected this option displays several sub-options that direct users to get more information on your Cookie policy. The Read More button text can be customized and users can be directed to a specific link by selecting “Custom Link” or a specific page by selecting “Page Link”.

Read More Link

Read More Link

When “Page Link” is selected a drop-down box of all the site’s pages appear.

Read More Page Link

Read More Page Link

Link Target: This option specifies how the More Info Link is displayed when the button is clicked by a user. If _blank is selected, it opens the page in a new window or tab. If _self is selected, it takes you directly to the page.

Link Target

Link Target

Refuse Button: This option specifies what text to display in the button. When selected two other options appear. One option allows for the custom refuse usage text. This text-box does not html markup.

The other option is a text-box for JavaScript code such for Google Analytics. This kind of code is called Non-functional cookies. These are cookies used to track user behavior on your site. If the refuse button is enabled, JavaScript code will need to be inserted into the text-box. This plugin will hold the JavaScript code until a user selects either “Ok” or “No”. If a user selects “No” the Javascript will not run. If the user selects “Ok” the Javascript code will run and the user will be tracked on the site. If a user selects “Read More” the JavaScript code will not run.

Refuse Usage of Cookies

Refuse Button: Refuse Usage of Cookies and Text-box for JavaScript Code

Note that the image below displays the notice when all buttons (Button, Refuse, More Info) have been enabled.

All Buttons Enabled

All Buttons Enabled

On Scroll: This option enables the acceptance of the cookies while the user scrolls. After user scrolls a defined number of pixels, the notice will be treated as accepted and the cookie notice bar will disappear.

On Scroll

On Scroll

Cookie Expiry: This option specifies how long a cookie should be stored for. When selected a drop-down menu with expiration times appear.

Cookie Expiry

Cookie Expiry

Script Placement: This option specifies where he Javascript code should be placed. If page loading time is a concern, scripts should be placed in the footer.

Script Placement

Script Placement

Deactivation: This option will remove all plugin data if the plugin is deactivated.



Position: This option specifies the location of the Cookie Notice, either at the top or the bottom. Note, if “On Scroll” is enabled the position will be fixed. The default position for the notice is the footer.



Animation: This option specifies how the Cookie Notice will appear: None, Fade, or Slide. The default is Fade.



None, Fade, and Slide Animations are displayed below:

None Fade and Slide Animation

None Fade and Slide Animation

Button Style: Button styles can be customized as either None, WordPress, or Bootstrap. The button style selected applies across all buttons on the Cookie Notice. Individual buttons are unable to have different styles.

Button Style

Button Style

Button Style: None. Only highlighted text will appear.

Button Style None

Button Style: None

Button Style: WordPress. The classic grey rectangle will encapsulate the text.

Button Style WordPress

Button Style: WordPress

Button Style: Bootstrap. A more modern rectangle will encapsulate the text.

Button Style BootStrap

Button Style: BootStrap

Colors: This option allows color customization of both the text and the bar. The default for text is white and for the bar is black.



140 replies to "Cookie Notice"

  1. Good plugin. Is there a javascript version for simple html pages?

  2. Hello

    I really like your plugin. I am building a site in WordPress. I tried to put the Google Analytics code in Script blocking in Head, and saved it but then the Google Tag Manager code started showing above my site, and the function didn´t work.

    • Google Tag Manager requires you to put it’s code into both – Head and Body and it’s supported by the plugin.
      Keep in mind to put entire code, including opening and closing of the script tags, not just the script contents. In other words if you just copy that from GTM it should work fine.

  3. ciao. mine could be a stupid question, but about analytics code: do I have to insert GA code both in your plugin and in site or it’s enough in the plugin?

    • In the plugin – body and/or head section depending on the instructions for a given service.

  4. Dzien Dobre Bartosz,

    quick question about your plugin which I started using for our WordPress: I read the documentation but just to clarify:

    > your plugin automatically recognizes the cookie script to be blocked ?

    > If answer is “NO”, I therefore need to copy/paste each cookie script code into this “Cookie blocking” window and can paste one after another as many cookie script as we are using ?

    > does your plugin enable the web user to select the “family” of cookies he authorizes, for instance “personalization cookies”, social cookies (sharing on FB), publicity cookies and “navigation cookies ? or will this have to be a special development ?

    Thanks in advance for your answers


  5. Hi,
    I’ve this problem.
    After the reloaad of the page, and every time I change category ( the page reload), the message will appear.
    You can see the problem in my site
    How can I do?

  6. Hello,
    I changed the settings and would like to retest the notification to see how it will appear. Is there a simple way to do so (as I already accepted the cookies once, I don’t get the message anymore)?

    Thanks for your feedback

    • You can open your website in a incognito window and it will show again every time you restart the incognito window.

  7. Hi,

    Where can i see i ‘live preview’ once i made some changes? Because after accepting the cookies myself, i don’t see the banner anymore on my website. :) Thanks!

    • Just delete the cookies from your site using browser Web Developer tools.

  8. Is it possible to gather data when users accept the cookie policy?

  9. Hi, is it possible to change Cookie Expiry to for example few seconds? or maybe cookie notice will show every page reload?

  10. Hello,
    could you pease show an example how to enable the google analytics code after accepting the cookies? You mention it is possible but I’m not able to figure out how. I tried it this way:

    if ( function_exists(‘cn_cookies_accepted’) && cn_cookies_accepted() ) {

    (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),

    ga(‘create’, ‘UA…’, ‘auto’);
    ga(‘set’, ‘anonymizeIp’, true);
    ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);



  11. Hello! Can you please tell me why the cookie appears everytime my visitors come back on site even if they checked it with “ok”? How can i fix that? The cookie expiry is set to “infinity”. Thanks for help

  12. Hi

    Does this plugin store the IP addresses for the visitors who have accepted your cookies?

    If so where is this information stored?


  13. Hi guys,

    Thanks for your plugin, really easy to use.
    One question : Visitors have to accept cookies on all pages, not only once for the entire site ?
    I am using wordpress & Divi3 theme.

    Thanks for your feedback


  14. Really useful plugin.

    At a certain moment, it stopped to display. I empty the cache and log out from WordPress, but it’s still not showing up.

  15. Hi every one!

    I would like to know under what circumstances appear again the banner with the text “We use cookie….”

    It appeared once, I answered ok and I don´t know what to do to see the warning text again, except trying with oder browser

  16. Hi, I would like to know under what circumstances appear again the banner with text “We use cookies….”

    It has appeared once, I answered ok to cookies, but I don´t know what to do to get the text again, except to try with another browser.

  17. I tried to change the text of the banner, the consent button label, cookie validity and animation style. Everytime I try to save my changes everything is overwritten with default settings .
    I use Avada 3.8.3, WordPress 4.9.8.

  18. Hello and thank you for the plugin.

    Our website consists of two WP instances, each in its own folder. If user accepts cookie in one, he still sees the notice in another one.

    After looking into it, looks like the acceptance cookie that plugin generates has the “path” value in it – that must be the reason for the issue.
    Is there a way to remove the path from the cookie? (I mean, is there a way more elegant than just finding the piece of code that does it and removing it?) Is making this feature option in any future plans perhaps?

  19. Hi team,
    Thanks for the pluging I have it 95% installed, just missing the How to disallow cookies if visitors don’t accept them.
    Do you some more info?
    Can you please provide the js code to block cookies?

  20. Hi,

    I installed this plugin, it works great! Except that the code that I have put in the text-box for JavaScript (Google Analytics code) is NOT placed in my html (before ) after I click OK for accepting cookies. What could possibly be wrong? I changed the code to just a comment tag to see if my Analytics code had errors, but this is also not placed.


  21. Hello, how can I completely delete the plugin from the website. Despite that I delete it still shows me on the website with errors

  22. How do I change the background color of the button?

  23. Cześć Bartosz,
    Is it possible to synch strings via polylang plugin? I don’t use WPML cause it went into premium subscription only. I have translated whole site into 4 languages using polylang but i can’t translate cookie popup text into other lang. I just shows same text for all langs. If I translate Polish text into English or another, It will show latest save everywhere.

  24. hi,

    probably a simple solution.
    But, when you click either ok or no, the bar disappears but then reappears once the page has loaded again.
    the cookies expiry is on 1 month so this shouldn’t be happening, should it?


  25. How can I use WPML with this cookie notice? I can’t find it in the settings

  26. Hi

    is this plugin supposed to be used for GDPR matter?

  27. How to set up a plug-in for a multilanguage site?

  28. “Message: Enter the messages in the textbox. HTML markup can be used to further customize the text.”

    Where do I find the option HTML markup? My message is put in the middle and at the right side the text is a little to far. How can I change this?

  29. Hi, i am changing the default settings like the message text and other things and when i save the actual message displayed isn’t updated, any help please

  30. Thank you for the great and useful plugin. Just a question please if its possible.
    Is there a way to make cookie notice appear every time a visitors enter my site ? Than after acceptance to be hidden until the next site visit.
    Thank you again and keep up the great job.

  31. Is there any code i can use to insert the cookie policy on a page where i am not using the header or footer?

  32. Hey :)
    Can you tell me how to use this section ? –>>> ” Script blocking”
    What script must use to block Google analytics when user click – NO ? Why have not any information about this problem .

    Thanks in advance

  33. Hello,

    1) Is it possible to have the option to reset the appearance of the cookie banner? So If I click “Ok” for the first time how do I get the banner back in appearance (other than clearing caches).
    2) To have a minimise to corner option in the backend so clicking accept doesn’t permanently close banner.

    Many thanks

  34. Hi,
    Polylang translated strings but link to cookie policy page is only to main language. I tried to select different pages on every language but it not works.

  35. HI,

    is it possible, to get a html version to insert it into a coming soon page (plugin)? Otherwise it won’t appear there..

  36. Hi, I don’t understand how to customize the line “Button class”. I obtain a very large button three with the refuse button and the policy), that gives 3 large blue (and not beautiful ) lines. Thank you for your help.

  37. do you have an example of the script code that has to be placed in the text-box for JavaScript code specific for Google Analytics?

  38. Hi….
    is it possible to make the Refuse Button exit the site and go somewhere (e.g.

    • Yes, I would like to know the same.

  39. H! Great plugin… thanks!!!
    Is it possible to grey out the website to prevent interaction until the cookies notice is accepted or refused? This would turn this awesome plugin into a super awesome one :D

    Also to add on Andreas (17/June) earlier question, what would be the code to use different background colors of the buttons used. For example, a green background to accept, amber to amend cookies and, finally, to revoke cookies?

    Again thanks for the plugin

  40. Do I need to add the google analytics code in script blocking and remove it from elsewhere in the website?

    Also I use demographics reporting in google analytics. Can the normal google code load as it is but for demographics it only loads when the user gives consent?

  41. How do you move the ‘revoke cookies’ button to the left? The center placement is not great as it covers footer text …

  42. In Polylang / String translations all work as expected, except for the “Revoke button text”
    I can change all fields in the string translation and once saved, it updates to the changed values, except for this one field “Revoke button text”….
    It updates for the English but shows the English text in the second language as well….

  43. GDPR says that we MUST keep a record of people accepting cookies. This plugin doesn’t have this facility …I would like to ask the plugin owner if this will soon be included in this plugin?

  44. Hello
    I installed the GDPR Cookie plugin and everything is fine on the wordpress pages and posts. But I can’t get it to work on the home page, that is a html page.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you

  45. Did you already know, that the ad management plugin Advanced Ads has a privacy feature to show ads based on visitors’ consent? This feature provides a dedicated support of Cookie Notice by dfactory. If you want to see how this integration works, please have a look at the documentation of Advanced Ads:

  46. Hi there,

    Love the look and feel of the plugin but I’m not sure what would happen if I were to click on the synchronise with WordPress Privacy Policy Page. Could you update your documentation to explain this feature?


    • It’s not yet documented but the idea is:
      since WordPress 4.9.6 there’s a new Privacy Policy setting where you select the page for your Cookie Policy.
      if you enable synchronize option in CN then the WordPress privacy page is synchornized with what you have set as privacy page in Cookie Notice.

  47. Hi!
    Once I have accepted the message, the cookies pop-up still appears when I visit the website. Visitors should only have to dismiss or approve it once for the entire website, no?
    Thanks :)

    • It should not pop up if the cookies are accepted. This points to a javasciprt (or other) issue on your site.

  48. Awesome plugin… Thanks
    In Polylang / String translations all work as expected, except for the “Revoke button text”
    How can I fix this?

    • Have you tried resaving CN settings? This should do the trick.

      • Yes I have tried it…
        I can change all fields in the string translation and once saved, it updates to the changed values, except for this one field “Revoke button text”….
        It updates for the english but shows the english text in the second language as well….

  49. On May 22nd, the day I installed your plugin, my website visits dropped from 30 visits a day to 4 max…
    It seems Google Analytics is not firing until the user accepts the cookies (terms & conditions bar at the bottom). Your plugin does not seem to trigger Google Analytics by default and waits until the user accepts the cookies. Is there an option to change this behaviour on your plugin?


    • That’s exactly how script blocking should work. Google Analitycs code should not be triggered until user accepts the cookies.

  50. Hi all,

    I have the following message displayed in the head of my customers website (WP, Avada Child Theme):
    /* Google Analytics Opt-Out*/

    It wasn’t displayed a few days ago, so I wonder if something went wrong with updates or so…

    thanks for a hint how to remove this text and get it back into source code…

    Cheers, Thomas

  51. What if I am using other services to track people’s activities on the website – eg. HotJar. Can I add that script on the script box too? Or do I just stick with Google Analytics for now? Please advise. Also is it okay for the OK and No buttons to direct to the website URL/# so eg., or should I be able to navigate the viewer somewhere else? Please advise. Thank you.

    • You should put HotJar script into the Script blocking field as well.

  52. Hi, thank you for this plug-in.
    Where can I add CSS code to adjust to my website?


    • You can do that in Additional CSS in Customizer or in your theme stylesheet.

  53. Hey,

    great plugin!

    But i have a question: How can i change the background colors of the buttons?

    I tried this CSS Code, but it doesnt work:

    #cookie-notice .button.wp-default {
    background: #f29400;
    color: #fff;
    font-size: 43px; /*Schriftgröße*/
    border-radius: 6px 6px 6px 6px; /*Abrundung der Ecken*/

    • Hi,
      Just try adding the !important attribute to override the style:

      #cookie-notice .button.wp-default {
      background: #f29400 !important;
      color: #fff !important;
      font-size: 43px !important; /*Schriftgröße*/
      border-radius: 6px 6px 6px 6px !important; /*Abrundung der Ecken*/

      • Where should we add this text to change the color of button

  54. Hi,
    I have WPML web with 4 languages. I have different google analitycs script for each language. Is it possible to execute a script or another according to the country selected by the visitor?


  55. Hola Bartosz, the Cookie looks good!
    The cookie notice I have read and registered everything as recommended. Where can I see the result?
    Thanks for your answer, kind regards Wilram

    • It should be visible on the frontend of your site.

  56. Hi,
    The cookie notice bar disapears even the cookie is not accepted or revoked or something.
    I surfed every page and the scroll amount is 100px. What am I doing wrong?

  57. If a visitor accepts cookies for one month, is it possible for them to revoke their permission before the month is up?
    Just wondering if there’s a shortcode or something I could put on the site – maybe on my privacy page?


    • Yes, that’s what Revoke consent option does.

  58. Hey everyone.
    We wrote a short jQuery script that extends the wordpress footer with padding so the cookie note overlay does not hide the footer navigation.
    Feel free to use if someone needs it:

    jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
    if ($(‘#cookie-notice’).length > 0) {
    let originalPaddingButtom = $(‘footer’).css(‘padding-bottom’);
    $(‘footer’).css(‘padding-bottom’, $(‘#cookie-notice’).css(‘height’));
    $(‘#cn-accept-cookie’).on(‘click’, function () {
    $(‘footer’).css(‘padding-bottom’, originalPaddingButtom);

    • Danke für den Hinweis mit dem jQuery Skript! Musste die Anführungszeichen durch doppelte ersetzen, dann hat es bei mir funktioniert.

    • where do we need to write this function? Also want to change the color of button, what’s the best way?

  59. Hey guys, great plugin, thank you. Is there a way/planned feature to display it only to the EU visitors?

    • Yes, but in the Pro version only (yet to be released)

      • Ooh! How can we get notified when Pro is available?

  60. The cookie notice only appears on the blog, but the blog is not the home page.

  61. Hallo,
    thanks for this plugin. Unfortunately I cannot use it in other languages in the same Website. it is correct or i’m doing same mistake?
    best regards

  62. URGENT!!! Since the last update a few days ago, the Cookie Notice Plugin does not work anymore on my Blog – what schould I do!

    Kind regards,
    Tina (

  63. We need the popup notice in different Languages, so how can I setup this inside WordPress Pages ?

    • You have to use Polylang or WPML plugins to handle that.

      • Do you have more details on how this works? We have the plugin on a site with multi-language and can’t work out how to add another language

  64. Is it possible to highlight the OK button?

  65. Hi, Thanks for this tool! Am I correct in assuming I need to add any cookie tracking code (in our case Google analytics and HubSpot) in the script blocking box? Or how do I make sure they are “connected” to disable cookies? Thanks again!

  66. Hi, what is the way to block cookies with script? is there any example or formula?

  67. Thanks for making this so easy! Great plugin.
    Since we’re able to choose Bootstrap as a button option and you’ve already got a CSS box set up, it would be great if we could use the Bootstrap button CSS simply by adding it to that CSS box.
    So, for example, I could simply add “btn btn-success” if I wanted to change my button to the green shade you see on the Bootstrap page.
    Thanks again for this great tool.

    • Sure, that’s what just introduced in 1.2.43 CSS class option is for.

    • How does it work? Example?

  68. Hi guys,

    Firstly, thank you for creating this plugin. Combining ITS functionality with other GDPR preparations, I hope to be GDPR compliant in due course.

    I do have TWO questions though about the plugin surrounding the use of Google Analytics.

    1) I have added the GA tracking code to the plugin as suggested…what does the message “To get the cookie notice status use cn_cookies_accepted() function.” mean? i.e. what action do I have to take if I have entered the GA tracking code?

    Please bearing in mind that I am not a developer or are familiar with code.

    2) Once the GA tracking code has been added to your plugin, will it track the user throughout the entire website or only on that page? i.e. can I/should I disable the MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin?

    Thank you for your time.



    • Hi,
      Regarding your question:
      1. It’s enough to put the GA tracking cod into the blocking script area in the Cookie Notice. the cn_cookies_accepted() function is additional funtionality to be used by developers
      2. If you use custom solutions for Google Analitycs (like in a plugin or theme) make sure it’s Cookie Notice compatible. Otherwase you should disable that and use the CN script blocking functionality.

    • Hi guys,

      I’m also fighting with configuring the plugin in a way that the GA tracking code can be refused and a message is shown to the website visitor so that he knows that GA won’t track any data.

      Could you please give an example how to use the cn_cookies_accepted(). I’m a designer, not a developer and always feel a little bit scared to do scripting…

      Thanks a lot in advance,


      • You don’t have to use the cn_cookies_accepted() function for anything if you don’t know how to do it.
        Just paste the Google Analitycs code into the Script blocking -> Body in Cookie Notice settings and save. That’s it.

  69. Thank You!

  70. Hi!

    the plugin is really great!
    Is there a way to disable the cookie notice on a single page? That would be very helpful.

    Best regards,

    • Yes, there are some code examples in our support forums.

  71. hello, I need information, the data collected and the track of consensus data from users, where they are stored? How can I cancel a user’s consent if he asks me to?

    • Cookie Notice does not store any user information.

  72. Hi It works on desktop but only satays up for seconds, not long enough for user to do anything , then disappears.
    It did not work on mobile.

  73. Hi. Lovely plugin. How do I redirect if user chooses NO ?

  74. This plugin is simply wonderful, BUT is not clear how insert javascript to block.
    Have I to insert all entire javascript or just the file eg. foo.js or other.
    And one more thing … If I want to block more than one javascript how I have to insert them ? One after the other, comma separated ore something else.
    Thank You very much

    • Javascript based script blocking is not available in Cookie Notice, but we plan to release an advanced and very flexible js based script/iframe blocking functionality in Cookie Notice Pro.

  75. I have a question to the refuse …
    should I place there all my scripts?
    Like Google Tag Manager or Analyitics, Facebook Pixel, etc …

    • There are 2 script blocking fields in the plugin – for the head and body sections of your site. Just use these.

  76. The bar is not “sticky” on Android devices – you just see it, when you scroll all the way to the buttom.
    Desktop and iOS works fine. Any ideas?


  77. Working fine accept the banner is not showing up on my index.php so it’s useless then.
    Any ideas?


  78. From where I can get JavaScript Code for Google analytics?

  79. Hello,
    If possible create or add a script in script field which will block website till user not choose use cookies or not?
    I mean a cover website with shadow till user not choose use r not.

    Best regards

  80. Hello,
    I used this plugin, everything was set and saved and worked fine. Then for some reason the Read More button stopped working and it does not redirect to the page, the page opening is the Main Page. It is not working with custom link or page link either. Could you please advise what the issue might be? Thanks.

  81. I have a multilanguage text.
    How can I view the post in the current language chosen by the user?

  82. Hey,
    can i use your Cookie plugin to show a text + a “show more-button” .
    And if I click on “show more” to open a second (bigger) window with more Text + a button( with a link to my AGB-page for example) ?

    Best regards,

  83. Buen Plugin. Felicidades!

  84. Hi,

    I have your plugin on How can I make that the cookie bar only appear once? Now It’s showing every time I visit the blog, also after excepting the cookies.

    I hope to hear from you, thank you already so much!

    Greetings, Ellen

    • Ellen, please use a support forum for the issues (not the comments)

  85. Hi d factory

    I just Installed your plugin. I use WPLM because Ihave a multilanguaje site. How can I configure the Cookie text for differents languajes?

    Thanks a lot

    Best regars..

    • Just use WPML String Translation tool.

  86. Hi,

    how can i block cookies? There i see option to refuse cookies, and then i must pust some script in there, and idon’t know which script. Where do i get this script?

    Thank you for your time.

    • yes
      Where do i get this script ?

    • Good questions… Where do i get this script ?

  87. Hi!
    I just installed your wonderfull plugin and read the support about WPML.
    I’ve translated the strings, but they only appear in the same language…
    Can you help, please?
    Thank you

    • It should work fine if you used WPML’s String Translation tool.

  88. how we can set the language ?

    • Use WPML or Polylang plugin to handle that or one of the CN bultin filter hooks to set different options (like message or button text) per your custom conditions.

      • Hi, you mention we can use “one of the CN bultin filter hooks”. Are those hooks documented anywhere? I cant find them.

      • @alex:
        i did it with the cn_cookie_notice_args filter hook. you can find it in the source code. with it i was able to handle my custom multi-language solution.

  89. Is there a way to make the whole banner clickable on mobile devices to accept the cookie terms of use instead of using a button? i like the scroll idea but it overrides my header on mobile. so i want my customers to click on it to make it disappear.

  90. Great plugin i’m already using.

    Only thing missing is option to change color of the button.

  91. I get an 404 error using Polylang for translating the cookie notice. I’ve tried everything, but something is not working. Can you please let me know if this is common and what I can do about it?

    • This is a Polylang or your installation issue, not Cookie Notice itself.

      • In Polylang I can not traduce the text. Where should I find that option?

  92. The documentation say it is compatible with WPML. How can I configure the message in several languages?

    • While using WPML you have to have String Translation tool enabled. All the Cookie Notice strings are available for translation from there.

  93. It does its job, thank you! However, clicking on ok makes the notice fade away, but the space it took remains (thus leaving an empty space between my footer and the end of the browser window). Can this behaviour be changed so that it completely disappears?

  94. How do I have the warning only show up on certain pages of my website, ie the ‘Shop’

    • Please search the forums – the answer is there.

  95. hi, gread plugin, my suggestion: a option for
    button style — > custom css
    will be nice, every update i need to override with my own css.

    • Hi, for GDPR is required that no one cookie is set before user accept, and if user refuse, the user can navigate the site without no one cookie. So, my blog ha 34 cookies but no one has blocked from this plugin. I don’t understand the configuration: I must put a single script for every 34 cookies to block them? And where I find these scripts?
      Thank you.

      • Hi Barbara,

        far from being an expert, but i think YES you need to check every 3rd party tool you are using on your Blog, go to their main portal and login, check their “technical settings” page (or something like this). There you should find what ressembles a script. And you copy/paste it into the “BLOCK THE SCRIPTS” window of the COOKIE NOTICE plugin

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