Hello. We’re Digital Factory

Built from the ground up, Digital Factory offers creative WordPress plugins designed by a team of professional, experienced WordPress experts fully engaged in the community, but it is our founder Bartosz Arendt that keeps flaming the fire for the brand.

Who We Are

At our most basic level, we are a small software house focused on delivering WordPress based websites and applications but at the same time we’re a team of WordPress enthusiasts thirsty for better software in the platform.

Bartosz’s journey with WordPress began in 2008 with the 2.6 version. At the time, he was an unassuming user who enjoyed the simplicity and ease of use that came with WordPress. In 2009, he launched his own agency, gained significant experience working with hundreds of clients in the market, and overcame numerous challenges along the way.

However, he discovered something was missing while working on WordPress, building more and more complex websites and WordPress based web applications. He realized that he needed more tools to do what he wanted with the platform. Tools like ligthbox & gallery plugin, multilingual event management, cookie law script or scalable post view counter didn’t work with the efficiency and flexibility he thought possible. Bartosz saw an opportunity to help.

Bartosz quickly took his passion to a new level. In 2013, he launched his first plugin for WordPress, began working with developers and designers who shared his passion, and today he heads up the Digital Factory team to create the WordPress plugins he always wanted to see availble in the market.

What We Do

What started with humble beginnings and a single WordPress plugin, has now flourished into over 14 officially released unique plugins in the Digital Factory collection. Our plugins include Responsive Lightbox, Image Watermark, Cookie Notice, Post Views C0unter and many more all downloaded approximately 5,000,000 8,000,000 times empowering around 1,5 million websites across the world. Our goal is to provide websites with easy to use, flexible and powerful tools to improve their online presence, and with every plugin release, we come one-step closer to attaining that goal.

How We Do It

Our approach to WordPress development is simple: we want to create a seamless experience that both our clients and we would like to utilize—namely easy to use, lightweight, well coded, and beautiful. We build functionalities to look and work as though they came from WordPress itself. Security and privacy are of the utmost concern, and we build through the eyes of the end user, rather than our own personal preferences. By creating a seamless experience throughout the admin panel and making things as simple as possible, we hope to give users even more reason to choose WordPress. Understating the importance of multilingual capability, we use WordPress to bring flexible, WPML and Polylang compatible plugins to individuals across the globe.

By utilizing years of experience and countless hours spent developing WordPress based projects, our team delivers high quality open-source WordPress plugins and real solutions. By complying with coding standards, we ensure that our tools not only work well but also work properly. This commitment sets our products apart from others in the WordPress world. Instead of looking out for our goals first, we think of how our designs can benefit our end user, and with that foresight, we take to the figurative drawing board.

Why We Do It

As avid WordPress users, we take a strong and dedicated approach to our work. We firmly believe in the open source software philosophy, and hope to emanate that belief in all that we do. Spending time and energy on developing software is no easy task, but our desire to see users make the most out of their WordPress site motivates us to exceed our previous attempts.

No matter what challenges come our way, we plan to grow and improve in our goals for many years to come, and we warmly invite you to join us in our journey. We promise it will be worth sticking around for.